Winter at the sea (Amrum island)

Towards the end of this calendar year I was sort of forced to take some days off. Since I hate to “waste” vacation days for nothing, the plan for a calm week at the German North Sea was quickly made and last week I found myself on Amrum, a small sandy island off the German coast, close to Denmark. As this is one of my favourite places at the German coast, I am no stranger there and know the place fairly well.

November and December being completely off-season, the island was almost totally deserted and it was very calm and quiet indeed – apart from the sound of the waves and the noise from frequent heavy storms. What could be better in this weather than enjoying the sea view from a first-row beach apartment with a cup of good Frisian tea and biscuits? Nevertheless there were plenty of chances to leave the apartment and go for long beach walks. On two of these walks I had a great chance to watch and photograph female grey seals and their pups, usually resting as a pair on the wide sands on the island’s seaside.