Gállok Protest Art in Nikkaluokta

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We just set up the Gállok Protest Art Exhibition in Galleri Skáidi, Nikkaluokta. Given the many painted fabrics and other pieces of art — and last but not least the hundreds of small rocks with signatures — this took quite a while and did cost some sweat. Thanks to Nils Joel for his help. Background: At Gállok […]

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Reindeer in Sarek NP

2008 Sarek reindeer revisited

This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Sápmi / Lapland

Today I got a quite unusual request from a friend in Nikkaluokta. She was asking if I had any images of reindeer similar to the style Nick Brandt sometimes uses with animals. So I went through my archives if there were any images similar in style. Of course there is a huge pile of reindeer […]

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How to measure shutter speeds

The real shutter speeds of mechanical shutters often deviate from the numbers you find printed on the dial. Hence to decide if you need to get your shutter cleaned and adjusted, and to know which of the speeds deviate most (so you can compensate during exposure)), it is advisable to actually test your shutters. If […]

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