The Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2012

End of last year it became clear I was going to be in Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2012 as a marathon “support team”. Since I had to be there anyway, why not also register for one of the shorter runs? As I never did a half-marathon before, I decided to give it a try. Even though I could only prepare for the run about 4 weeks in advance, it was a very enjoyable experience.

The (half) marathon starts right in the centre of Edinburgh, close to the Castle and the Royal Mile, and from there reaches the coast after a couple of miles and then follows the coastline to Musselburgh and further on, turns around and follwos the coastline back to the finishing area in Musselburgh. Starting at 8am on Sunday last weekend, after about half the distance the sun came out and it became really warm, with almost no shade. I felt some pity for the marathon runners starting later that day, as they would have sun all the way and twice the distance. After the run there was a bus shuttle back to central Edinburgh.

On Friday and Saturday before the run there was some spare time to walk around in Edinburgh. The resulting images can be seen in the next blog entry: A Weekend in Edinburgh