Manhattan and New York City 2013

Almost 14 years after my last city trip to New York I finally made it back to Manhattan. Unfortunately in recent years I only made it to NYC to change planes, so I never had the time to really visit the city.

But this time I was there as a “support team” for the 2013 New York Marathon. And I was there for a whole week. So that meant plenty of time for exploring the city, trying all the good food, and basically get aching feet from all the walking around.

During this visit I also took some images aboard the former USS Intrepid, an aircraft carrier which also played an important role in the US Space Program. Today the Intrepid lies docked at Pier 86. The corresponding images can be found here: The USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier

If you want to compare with some of the images taken in 1999, before 9/11 with the old World Trade Center still in place, please follow this link: The World Trade Center – before 9/11